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Being Human    Review by Pattye Grippo

Being Human: Season One

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's Being Human Page.

Being Human is a look into the lives of hospital porters George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner). Toiling anonymously in Bristol, England, they lead lives of quiet desperation under the burden of a terrible secret - Mitchell's a vampire and George is a werewolf. Deciding to start life afresh and leave behind the dark side, they move into a house, only to find that Annie (Lenora Crichlow), the ghost of a woman killed in mysterious circumstances, haunts it. As the three deal with the challenges of their new lives together, they're united in their desire to blend in with their human neighbors. However, with unwelcome intruders into their world, a threatened revolution from the vampire underworld, constant threats of exposure, and the day-to-day issues faced by young people - the only thing they may be able to rely on is each other.

Annie explains in the first episode the main characters in this show are "overlooked and forgotten, unnatural and supernatural, watching the dance from the sidelines." We see how each of the three roommates exists, such as they can, in the world as a ghost (Annie), vampire (Mitchell), and werewolf (George). As the series begins, Annie answers the door for the pizza delivery man and is excited that he can see her, even though she is a ghost. She is driving George insane because she is constantly making tea, even though she can't even drink it, and every mug in the house is filled with tea. Mitchell and George, who work as porters at a British hospital, try to figure out why she is in their house and their lives amd decide there must be something left unresolved. Mitchell finds Seth, who "recruits" vampires by biting them, in the room of a patient and tells him to leave the patient alone. Mitchell has been trying not to drink blood and tells Seth that the hospital is out of bounds. Mitchell tries to avoid women and relationships so he doesn't hurt anyone anymore and George has to worry about when he will turn into a werewolf next.

George feels a werewolf episode coming on and ends up at home, where Annie decides she wants to watch and Mitchell feels he needs to get out for his own safety. The change is rather horrifying to watch and Annie has to leave once she realizes George is no longer George while he is the werewolf. The roommates clean up the mess made by the werewolf and carry on as if life were normal. And if things were not strange enough, Irwin (George's landlord and Annie's former fiance) is coming by.

Each episode has the threesome getting into and out of situations, from George meeting another werewolf and Annie meeting another ghost to Mitchell being tempted by blood and people who want to reveal his secret. The werewolf is meek and neurotic, which is the opposite of who he is when he is the wolf, the ghost is a bit obsessive, and the vampire is attracted to women and blood. The three have to keep their secrets at all costs, and in the end it is that which is their strongest bond. Quirkier than The X-Files and stranger than An American Werewolf In London, this show blends the secrets, friendship, understanding, and humor of the three friends into a show that is very watchable and quite compelling!

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