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Turn And BurnBurn Notice Season 2 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Mike enlists Fi and Sam's help in finding out who Carla is, hoping that once he knows that he will know who burned him and why. At their next meeting he asks Fi to tail Carla and Sam to try and photograph her. Carla knows he will try just that and brings along her people to stop them, telling Mike that next time he needs to leave them at home when they meet. Carla needs Mike to get a security badge counterfeited and he hopes if he can figure out what the badge is for he can get a clue to her identity.

While all this is going on Sam brings Mike a new client, whom he met in a cooking class, that is being stalked. The stalker turns out to be a heavily armed drug dealer. Things get complicated, as usual, and the new client turns out to be a DEA agent who is investigating the drug dealer. As the investigation proceeds, it turns out that the drug dealer is working for a major boss who is involved in a turf war and has a hit out on him. Mike feels that can only help the situation, as so many people are wanting to kill each other will only cause them to be paranoid.

Mike finds the counterfeiter to make the badge and sets things up. Carla is not happy about how long they are going to take, but she has little choice in the matter. While they wait, Mike works on the drug dealer to set up a deal. Between Carla and the drug dealer, Mike's life is just a mess of complications. He has to finish with both cases just to have a moment to breath, but nothing seems to go exactly right with either. It will take a bit of planning and tricky thinking to get out of this one alive.

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