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Friends And FamilyBurn Notice Season 3 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Last time we saw Michael, he was swimming in the waters off the shore of Miami. Michael is no longer being told what to do by Management, but then again he also no longer has their protection. This leads to his becoming a person of interest to the police. Now that Michael is out from under the black cloud that has been following him since the beginning of the series (Management), he wants his old job working for the government back. Fiona doesn't understand why he would even want that job anymore and begins to question him about it. Of course, although it seems Michael and Management are finally through with each other, this is not the case. Management has plans to make Michael so unhappy with everything that he goes back to them. They make his whereabouts known to everyone, including people he'd rather did not find him, and this leads to a spy he once knew getting back in touch with him.

Michael ends up having to work with the somewhat incompetent spy, but finds a way to make it work. By running a sort of con on a bad guy security man, he is able to get to what he needs to set things in motion. Fiona and Sam are still around and Madeline is there too. Without giving anything anything else about the episode, it is easy to say it is one you don't want to miss and a good place to start if you are new to the series!

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