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Friends And EnemiesBurn Notice Season 4 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

"Burn Notice" is back again for a new season. If you didn't watch it before, you have really missed out on a great show. The fourth season premieres on USA Network on June 3, 2010, which is the perfect time for both fans and newcomers to the show to tune in.

At the end of last season things were in a bit of a mess. Michael Weston was supposed to be keeping a mysterious prisoner, known only as Simon, from escaping but in the end Simon got free. Michael's mom was arrested by the FBI after they tried to convince her that she didn't know who and what her son really was. Sam and Fiona want Michael to cooperate with them more, especially on the Simon situation, and stop going it alone. And it turns out that Simon is really with Management and Michael ends up getting captured and taken away.

As this season starts, Michael has no idea where he is but he figures out quickly that it is not government operated. Vaughn, his captor and one of the men behind Michael being burned, tells him it is a sort of private prison and thanks him for making sure Simon has been dealt with. Once boredom gets to him, Michael proceeds to read the intelligence file Vaughn has given him. It turns out that the group that has captured Michael wants his help. Michael and Vaughn come to an uneasy truce in order to work together and start with talking to an arms dealer that might have a lead to the identity of the person they are going against. The dealer is killed and they are chased themselves.

Michael's relationships with his mother and Fiona are both explored further. Michael has to help Sam and Fi with a case they are working on involving angry bikers. And, of course, the case he and Vaughn have started has interesting developments. Make sure to catch the season premiere to find out how all these things work out and see what direction this season is heading.

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