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Justice League

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PilotPilot   Review by Pattye Grippo

Covert Affairs

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's Covert Affairs Page.

Covert Affairs premieres on USA Network on July 13, 2010.

When we first meet Annie Walker she is being given a screening polygraph test by the CIA in order for her to join. As she takes the test, we get hints of her previous brief relationship (which ended abruptly and cryptically). Obviously she passes the test, because next we see her at CIA training where she is the first to volunteer and excels at everything. She is given orders to go to the CIA headquarters for a mission, even though she still has a month of training to go.

After she gets to the CIA and goes through the steps to be sworn in as an agent, we meet Auggie Anderson. Auggie is in tech ops for the CIA and is blind. Auggie shows her around and gives her the ins and outs of the agency, but it is when she meets her boss, Joan Campbell, she learns the most. Within the CIA men outnumber women 4 to 1 and while they will be polite and perhaps even try to date her, it also means she will have to compete and work that much harder.

Annie is introduced to the DPD (Domestic Protection Division), who deal with every global threat that makes its way inside the US borders. The first case Annie must take part in involves a former Russian spy who wants to change sides. Annie has been assigned as the defector's handler because she speaks Russian, but also because she could pass as a call girl. While she is getting the information from the defector, he is shot and killed. Because the shooter was still firing, Annie has to leave without the information and must go back later to try and get it. After she gets the information back to the CIA, they find that it is totally useless.

Annie's boss, Joan, is married to Arthur Campbell who is also a CIA boss. The couple has some marital issues to work out. Annie has some job issues (that involve someone from her past) to work out. Through it all Auggie is the voice of calm and reason, with a bit of humor thrown in. This show has a lot of potential. It is edgy, as so many of USA Network's shows are, and has fast-paced fun feel to it. It will be interesting to watch the relationships between the characters evolve, as well as to see where the job takes Annie. To find out what happens, be sure to watch Covert Affairs! Learn more about the show at USA Network's Covert Affairs page.

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