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PilotSeason 1 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Fairly Legal Cast

"Fairly Legal" premieres on USA Network on January 20, 2011.

Kate Reed used to be a lawyer, but she has decided to go a different way to settle disputes and is now a mediator in San Francisco. Her father had just recently died and she is going back to work for the first time since taking time off for that. She has an assistant named Leonardo, who is tries to keep her on track in between playing computer games, and an ex-husband, Justin, who happens to work in the District Attorney's office. As complicated as those relationships are, they are nothing when compared to the one Kate has with her step-mother Lauren, who happens to be the same age as Kate.

Despite all the stress in her personal life, one of the early scenes of this episode show that her professional life is the opposite. As she is stopping for a cup, the store she is in gets robbed. She calmly talks to both the robber and the store clerk and manages to reach an agreement between them that leaves both satisfied and no one gets hurt. Later she mediates a deal between a man and his son. The son is arrested for drunk driving after another driver threatens to shoot him. As Kate tries to settle things, it turns out there is a lot more to the case than was originally revealed and someone's entire future is at stake. As if her day was not busy enough. a judge who Kate is sure hates her calls her in to mediate a bizarre case involving a wedding ring.

While not as edgy as Burn Notice or as humorous as Psych, this show fits in well in USA Networks's roster of shows. The basic premise gives the possibility of some interesting cases, and the characters are interesting and well-acted. The relationships between them seem to be the basis of the show and it will be interesting to watch them play out as the season continues.

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