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Bo Me OnceSeason 1 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Fairly Legal Cast

It's Sunday and Kate is grilling on her boat when Justin drops by. She makes Justin taste her cooking and he wonders why she has made three similar barbecue sauces. She explains she is mediating a case over the flavor of barbecue sauce and she is doing research. Lauren calls (on a Sunday) to talk about work while she is explaining this to Justin, which further aggravates the situation between them.

The case Kate is mediating involves a man named Bo, who gave specifications for how he wanted a barbecue sauce made for him. After seventeen different sauces were made for him, he still is not pleased and the two sides now cannot agree on anything. Kate has Bo try various barbecue sauces, which in reality are all the same sauce made from Bo's recipe by Kate, and he rejects them all for different reasons. After she has made her point, she sets out to mediate the case. Bo says the sauce does not taste like Montana. He explains it is not just about taste, but also about a feeling. Kate realizes the problem is that Bo's face needs to be on the bottle to give it that sense of Montana and everyone is in agreement.

In the world of Kate, nothing is ever that simple and it turns out that Bo is not who he says he is. Bo is really Beth the producer's father and the Bo that Kate met was not who she though he was. Beth runs off when she finds out her father is there, because they had a falling out years earlier, and leaves Kate to deal with it all. The stories that "Bo" told were really the authentic Bo's. Beth was the real cook, but she is not good on camera and she hired an actor to go on camera.

Meanwhile Justin has a bit of a difficult case of his hands. He has to deal with a man who broke into his neighbor's house. The man does want to cooperate in the case very much, but Justin holds his temper and tries to work things out. When Justin tries to take the case to his boss to settle it and the boss tries to make it a harsher case - a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

How will Kate and Justin solver their respective cases and what new surprises will pop up along the way? Will Kate and Lauren be able to resolve their differences? Watch the episode to find out more!

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