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Danny Ray Horning    Review by Pattye Grippo

Fugitive Chronicles

In 1991 Danny Ray Horning was convicted of four counts of armed robbery with a sentence of 100 years in Arizona State Prison. He told the judge he'd be out in a year's time, but in reality he was out in six months because he escaped by just walking out of the prison. After he escaped an APB was put out on him and even the FBI was brought in.

Horning had an outdoorsman background and knew how to survive so he lived in the wild easily, with no sightings of him at all in the first 14 days after his escape. When he was finally reported, a large manhunt began. The law enforcement officers began trying to track Horning, but were unable to find him. He used cunning and outdoors skills (learned from mountain men in prison) to elude the officers. Over the next few days 10-15 sightings per day were coming in on Horning.

After 21 days, there was still no capture. Horning broke into a home to steal food and left a thank you note, whihc alerted the officers to what area he was in and the manhunt continued. After 45 days, there had been no true sighting of him. In order to keep from being seen by the police, Horning forces a couple to drive him to a safe place. Even though he had no plans to do take hostages, he now has some. This is only the beginning...

This episode recounted the manhunt in great detail, telling it from both the point of view of the fugitive and from the people involved in the manhunt (both the officers and the hostages). Overall you could feel like you were there, so much detail is provided. To find out how Horning was apprehended and what happened in the final showdown, be sure to watch this episode!

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