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Universal AppealAmerica's Next Great Restaurant   Review by Pattye Grippo

21 Original Cooks

This episode of America's Next Great Restaurant premieres on NBC on March 13, 2011. The second episode finds the ten contestants faced with a daunting challenge. They must each design a logo for the restaurant, with the help of a graphic designer, and prepare food for 1,000 people, with the help of a chef. They must choose their chef from among several professionals provided for them, and in the process of doing so the first bit of drama arises on the show when more than one contestant wants the same chef. They eventually work it out by letting the chefs choose from among the contestants who want them and the show continues.

The logos are used to make food stands that are set up in Universal Studios' City Walk in Hollywood, CA. Once the stands are ready and the food has been cooked one thousand people are let into the area to try all the food. Each person has been given a coin and once they have tried all the food they are to put it into the box of the restaurant that they liked best. The contestant with the most coins is safe from elimination for the week.

Not only do the 1,000 people try the food, but so do the judges - who offer constructive criticism to some of the contestants. Then it is time for the contestants to head back into the studio and the three who did the poorest in the event are brought before the judges. Each is asked questions about their performance that day and in the end, one of them is eliminated.

The drama has only started on the show, which is now down to nine contestants. Who will go home next? Watch to find out!

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