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Gilted LilySeason 2 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

If you regularly watch "In Plain Sight", then I don't need to tell you what a riveting show it is. If you don't watch, you really missed out on a great show. The second season premieres on USA Network, which is the perfect time for both fans and newcomers to the show to tune in.

Mary Shannon is a US Marshal in New Mexico who works for the Witness Protection Program. At the end of the last season Mary managed to get free of some kidnappers, only to learn that her sister Brandi was involved with them. Mary's is forced to choose between her job and her sister.

As the second season begins, many things are still the same, but many others are different. After having gone through the kidnapping she has a different outlook on things. She refuses to take her mandated administrative leave and won't go for the psychiatric evaluation required after such an event. Instead she heads right back to work, ignoring the symptoms of stress from her trauma.

How Mary deals with her problems and those around her is the focus of this episode. It is interesting, but not as intense as the ones from last season. Still, it is important as it will lead into the rest of the season's plots and emotional arcs.

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