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Father Goes WestSeason 3 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

The episode jumps back to Boston three years earlier, when a thief named Jimmy McCabe was being forced to pay up to the crime boss even though he wasn't able to steal anything. In order to save his son, who was in the room with them and being threatened, he shot the men threatening them. Both father and son were entered into the witness protection program with new identities.

Flash forward to present day in Albuquerque, NM where Mary is recovering after being shot at the end of last season. Despite having a photographic memory, she cannot remember who shot her. Marshall is out on the street investigating into who shot Mary. When Mary gets home from the hospital she is ready to go out into the world. The first order of business involves Jimmy McCabe, who Mary and Marshall suspect of being involved in a high-jacking. He swears he in innocent, but he doesn't have an alibi. His son gives Mary and Marshall a fake alibi, which they know and confront both of them. And to complicate things. Mary's family is driving her crazy at home.

The drama behind Mary's near-death and the attempt to find out who is behind it, while trying to piece together Jimmy's case, is some of the most gripping television this season!

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