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Freefall FreewayIRT Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

The intrepid drivers of Ice Road Truckers thought they had seen it all while navigating the frozen Alaskan roadways north of the Arctic Circle. But wait until they get behind the wheel on the harrowing, ancient highways of the Himalayas! IRT: Deadliest Roads a new series premiering Sunday October 3rd, 10/9c on History, takes some of the toughest truckers from the popular program and challenges them to haul their way through a new kind of hell on earth.


Three of the top Ice Road Truckers take on some of the world's most difficult roads to prove a point. They begin on a road that has no guard rails, shear drop offs, and was built for only one truck. Over 180,000 people were killed last year on India's roads and this one, a former trading route, is as dangerous as it gets. Alex, Lisa, and Rick have agreed to deliver 150 tons of material to a hydroelectric project high in the Himalayas. They begin in a village called Shimla and take the "freefall freeway" to get to where they are going, over the 13,000 foot pass, with only two months to get there. Their trucks, unlike American ones, are made of wood sitting on the chassis an offer no protection in a crash.

The drivers learn that on that road every trucker takes a spotter - to be their extra eyes and a helper. They are each assigned a spotter by the man who has the trucks and their journey begins. Before they even start their journey up the mountain, they have to make it through the chaos of Delhi. One of the drivers gets into an accident, but since the police cannot tell who is at fault he is allowed to continue on his way. Finally the drivers get out of the city and head for Shimla. Another driver can't figure out how to shoft her truck and almost burns out her engine.

This show is part daredevil adventure and part travel saga. As the drivers work their way to, and through, their route the people and culture of India are seen. The way the drivers and the local interact and react to one another is more entertaining that anything. How the other drivers act on the steep and treacherous road, and how they deal with the slower trucks, is unbelievable. This series takes the drama of Ice Road Truckers and adds an extra element of danger - and it's not just from the road. You'll want to close your eyes or look away at some parts that are terrifying, but you won't be able to. This first episode only makes you want more and it will be fun to see how this all plays out. Make sure to catch the premiere of this exciting new show.

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