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The AftermathThe Jacksons Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

"The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" is a real-life series that chronicles the personal and professional lives of Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon Jackson as they prepare for a Jackson Five reunion, while also coming to terms with Michael's tragic loss. The series premieres on A&E on Sunday, December 13 with back-to-back one-hour episodes beginning at 9:00pm ET/PT.

In the midst of preparations for the anniversary album, the brothers learn that Michael has suddenly died. They each have to deal with their individual grief in dealing with the loss of their brother as well as a musical legend. Their is intense sadness as they realize how much they will miss him.

A month later the brothers meet at Mr. Chow to meet with Virgil Roberts, the family's attorney, after they chat briefly with the media out front. Once the meeting begins and the brothers learn that a show they had agreed to do before Michael's death must still be held, as they are under contract. The promoter has decided that the one month since Michael's death was sufficient time to grieve. The promoter said if the brothers refuse to show he would make a public scene. The attorney explains that because Michael was such a superstar and the world was focused upon him since his death, the brothers needed to work even harder. The show contract specifies they need to do two new songs. The brothers decide they need to do the show, but they find somewhere to rehearse unobserved. None of them are sure they have enough time to get everything ready.

Jermaine and Tito head to a small recording studio in Santa Monica to work with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to find the two new songs for the show and to record. They explain to them that they cannot ignore their past and need to use their harmonies. Jermaine works with them for ideas for songs and everyone leaves happy. Jackie and Marlon go to the Amoeba Records in Hollywood to look for new producers with whom they could work.They find an entire section of CDs of The Jacksons and Michael Jackson. One of the old CDs Marlon comes across features outfits made for the boys by their mother, and they reminisce about that.

A tribute to Michael is planned in Vienna, so the whole world can come together to pay tribute to him. Jermaine and his wife work to get the tribute together. Jackie learns about the tribute on television and other brothers are upset about him working on it alone. Trouble popped up when an agent was telling Jermaine that artists were going to play the tribute that weren't and eventually it had to be postponed. Jermaine gets upset with his brothers because he feels they are against him.

This moving episode shows how close this family is and how deeply they felt the loss of their brother. Looking forward to future episodes will show how they continue to deal with it.

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