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Weird And WackyKid In A Candy Store Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo
Kid In A Candy Store

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's Kid In A Candy Store Page.

As a contestant on season four of Food Network Star, Adam Gertler revealed his energetic passion for food and fun-loving sense of humor. Now, as the host of Food Network's primetime series, Kid In A Candy Store, Adam uncovers the best, most outrageous, most innovative, and most loved sweet treats as he travels the nation visiting the bakeries, restaurants, food carts, and factories where America's favorites are produced.

In this episode, Adam finds taffy that tastes like happy hour, dessert nachos served out of a truck, weird and wacky ice cream cones that never melt, and a chef who turns beets into ice cream.

Adam's first stop is Sweet's in Salt Lake City. Utah where they make salt water taffy in unusual flavors like buttered popcorn, huckleberry, and the non-alcoholic happy hour mix (mai tai, daiquiri, and margarita). Rachel Sweet (her real name) is a fourth generation taffy maker and Adam finds out from her that the family-owned company has been making taffy since 1945. He visits the company's kitchen to learn how margarita flavored taffy is made, from the recipe to how it is cooled and shaped into taffy and wrapped. One batch of taffy becomes about 12,000 pieces and Adam helps make a batch of watermelon (and learns how they make it actually look like watermelon).

Then it's on to New York City where Adam finds a very different take on street food from The Treats Truck. They serve an ice cream cone that doesn't melt and their famous desert nachos (made with cookies, brownies, and chocolate sauce). The ice cream cones that don't melt are actually ice cream cone cupcakes (no ice cream). To make a mint chocolate ice cream cone, she starts with a layer of mint chocolate, then a layer of cake, buttercream frosting, then cake again, then a lot of frosting. In the end, it looks just like an ice cream cone. If the nachos and ice cream cones were not enough, the Treats Truck also serves mighty kitchen sink crispy treats. They are three times thicker than a typical crispy rice treat, but they have a variety of sweets in them. Once all the treats are made, they are loaded into a truck and driven to its stops.

Next up is a trip to New Orleans for Creole desserts. At The Creole Creamery they make ice cream with Jalapenos, goat cheese, corn, or beets. For ten years, they have been experimenting with unusual flavors for their ice creams. Adam gets to make sweet corn, peppercorn, and raspberry ice cream. They begin with the recipe, which is a sweet corn ice cream base, then cracked peppercorns and sweet raspberry sauce are stirred in. They also serve a sundae with eight scoops of ice cream with eight toppings. Anyone who can eat the sundae alone gets to become part of the wall of fame. Among the more unusual flavors served there are lavender honey, cotton candy, chocolate strawberry lager, roasted beet and of course the sweet corn, peppercorn, and raspberry.

This show could have simply been another series that travels from eatery to eatery, but Adam Gertler brings a sense of wonder and fascination to it. He is alternately amazed and impressed with the strange and unusual sweet treats he encounters. But what really sets this show apart, is his desire to know how the products are made and what goes into them. His hands-on approach in the kitchen and his desire to talk about the foods with the customers makes it a fun time. I dare you not to be hungry for something new and different at the end of each episode!

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