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Good Help Is Hard To Find    Review by Pattye Grippo

Kirstie gets started with Jim as her "chubby buddy" for her weight loss program. She takes shirtless photos of him for the "before" pictures and weighs him. He weighs 324 and wants to weigh 195, so he has to lose 129 pounds. Since he thought he weighs 320, he is not that surprised by his weight. Then Kirstie has to deal with her employees. Jim is so slow that she has to pay him by the job instead of by the hour. Kyle is sleeping on the job because he has nothing to really do.

Kirstie and Jim begin their first workout. Neither of them really knows what they are doing and they realize they need a trainer. They delegate the task to Kyle, telling him what they do and don't want. This job is a trial for Kyle, to see if he can really do the job. He goes to Kelly to ask for help, but she refuses to do it for him. She tells him that he has to figure out how to do it himself.

Lillie and True play with the Wii for exercise and weight issues and get Jim to weigh in on it. The machine tells him he is obese. They convince Kirstie, after some resistance, to try it also. Meanwhile, Kyle tries to find a real live trainer. He has to call several people to even find some that are acceptable. Kirstie and Jim meet with the trainers, asking each of them a series of questions and trying out some of the exercises. After they meet all the potential trainers, Kirstie congratulates Kyle on a job well done. Kirstie decides to hire JR as the trainer, because she likes his workout ideas and he is "hot". He does some preliminary analysis of their fitness state so that he can tailor the exercises to their fitness level.

This episode shows more of Kirstie's famous humor, and her sarcasm, which makes watching it interesting. Watching Kirstie and Jim work their way through their weight loss and fitness program should be interesting and entertaining.

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