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The Tipping Point    Review by Pattye Grippo

The show begins with Kirstie Alley explaining the differences in your life in Hollywood between when things are good and when they are bad. Her primary complaint is the paparazzi, but then she admits she is responsible for her own weight and decides it is time to change it. She talks with her children True and Lillie about her weight and how they feel about it. She decides to create a program for losing weight that will help her and others like her.

We are introduced to the people in her life, learning what each does and what Kirstie thinks of them, and then get to see her house, her life, and her animals. She forces her designer Tracy to come into her lemur cage to discuss her New Year's Eve outfit, chases paparazzi who lurk outside her yard, and works out for an entire 7 minutes. One of her employees, Jim, she decides to use as a test subject for her weight loss program, noting that she likes to have him around because he is larger than her. She asks him to be her chubby workout buddy. Later Tracy comes back to show her some clothes, but she rejects them one by one explaining the ways she is too fat to wear them. They eventually agree upon a dress, which makes Kirstie wonder exactly how fat she is. Once the photos taken earlier by the paparazzi appear in a magazine, she realizes she is larger than she thought.

The big night - New Year's Eve - arrives and Kirstie stays home alone because she is too big for her dress. Jim's wife is not able to make it home from a trip, so she invites him over to eat. They talk about their sizes and the things that come along with that. They talk about their personal lives and relationships, at which point Kirstie reveals she hasn't been on a real date she cared about in ten years. Kirstie realizes she has to change her habits. She gets out of bed in New year's Day to weigh herself and finds she weighs 230 pounds. She is amazed to learn she weighs this much, but then realizes what is important is not how much she weighs but rather how much she has to lose.

The first episode seemed superficial, but that could have been because we had to meet everyone and become familiar with the premise of the series. Overall you get the impression that this show could be interesting as it follows Kirstie's attempts at losing weight and her daily life. Whether it actually will be or not only time will tell.

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