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Justice League

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Loyalty, Part 1by Pattye Grippo   Review by Pattye Grippo

Lots of old faces leaving and some new ones are joining the cast this season!

In this first part of two episode, a yacht is in the ocean near Africa when it suddenly runs across what might be pirates. They decide to take an offensive stance and fire first, which kills a wealthy businessman and his lady. This incident sets of an investigation and Goren and Eames become involved in a situation involving illegal weapons and terrorist plots.

Captain Ross is in the middle of the whole incident, which is how Goren, Eames and Nichols all come to be pulled into the case even as they wonder what Ross is doing involved in it all.

This season premiere is full of tension and changes, and is a great cliffhanger. Part 2 is sure to tie it all up and give us the answers to the questions we have at the end of this part. Make sure to watch both to see the start of this all-new season!

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