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Life Season 1Review   Review by Pattye Grippo

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Pazsaz Entertainment Network's Life Television Series Page

If you are even remotely interested in nature or the world around you, the Life DVD is an absolute must-have! From the first moment you start watching, you find yourself absolutely mesmerized as you say "I never knew that" over and over. We own, and have watched, the Planet Earth DVD several times and found this series to be far superior on every level (and that DVD is amazing!). Each segment is in-depth, with great detail about the subject matter. This series focuses on the struggles of various plant and animal species to survive while competing with others and adapting to the changes of the environment.

If it were just the interesting and entertaining animal and plant life on the DVD, that alone would make it worth the cost. But the visuals are stunning to a degree that is unimaginable. The episode on plants, which shows the lives of plants (which can takes days to weeks to months to years) sped up to take on a few seconds is a personal favorite. The plants take on a whole new dimension as they move and grow. They seem more animated than you could ever imagine a plant to be.

When we initially started watching the DVD, our one concern was whether Oprah Winfrey would be up to the task of narrating such a serious subject. Not only does she handle it able, but she adds an element of warmth to it with the way she intones the narration.

There are a lot of extra features on theis DVD set, including behind-the-scenes for each episode with the filmmaking team, deleted scenes, and a "music only" viewing option. After you've watched each episode through with the narration to learn what there is to know, go back and view them with music. It's an extraordinary experience, one not easily forgotten.

The BBC nature shows and DVDs always stun and amaze and this one is no exception! Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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