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Mr. Monk Buys A HouseMonk Season 7 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

If you watched "Monk" last season, then you know what a clever show it is. If you didn't watch, you really missed out on a great show. The seventh season premieres on USA Network on July 10, 2008.

Monk picks up where it left off, with Monk unable to consider a new therapist to replace Dr. Kroeger and bored with his job. He can't get any sleep because his neighbor plays the piano at all hours (although only Monk can hear it). He decides to investigate an "obvious" accidental death and finds his perfect house - one that is absolutely clean and soundproof. What more could America's favorite OCD detective want? He decides to buy it on an impulse. His new therapist determines he is upset about the piano playing because it is the same music Dr. Kroeger played in his waiting room. He decides he doesn't like that therapist either and spends the session sitting. While at a hardware store to buy items for the new house he meets a handyman who gives him a business card in case he needed any work done. Once in the new house Monk starts finding little things he needs fixed and he calls the handyman. Unfortunately, the little things turn into big things as the handyman keeps finding things wrong that need major overhauls. Monk, who values clean and quiet above all else, has to endure noise and dirt. When the handyman turns out to be more than what he seems and a dead body turns up, it's time for Monk to get back to work. He has to figure who the handyman is and what the house has to do with everything. Just another day at work for him.

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