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Mr. Monk And The Other BrotherMonk Season 7 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

If you watched "Monk" last season, then you know what a clever show it is. If you didn't watch, you really missed out on a great show. The second half of the seventh season premieres on USA Network on January 9, 2009.

Jack Jr., Monk's half brother who he did not know existed, is on the run from the police and comes to his apartment. He is the opposite of Monk in every possible way - unkept, unshaven, touchy - except one: they share the same DNA. After convincing Monk that he is his brother, he explains he had been arrested for selling stolen cars and needs Monk's help. In the process of escaping from the police he ended up being accused of killing a woman, something he swore he did not do. He tells Monk he found the woman already dead in a car after he was crawling through the sewer to escape. The thought of Jack crawling through the sewer sets off Monk's OCD tendencies, but once he is cleaned up Jack explains that he has to solve the case of the dead woman before he can go back to prison to serve the sentence for the stolen cars. Against his better judgement, Monk allows Jack to make a phone to his mother (on the speakerphone). She is appalled that Monk wants to turn Jack in without helping him and guilts him into agreeing to help. When he takes Jack along with him to look into the crime, he introduces Jack as his pen pal although that does create some unusual situations. Needless to say, during the course of the investigation nothing goes right and the two half-brothers manages to get on each other's nerves. What they find out and how they learn it is fun to watch in this exciting all-new episode of Monk!

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