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Mr Monk's Favorite ShowMonk Season 8 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Season 8 of Monk premieres on USA Network on August 7, 2009.

Christine Rapp, a former television actress with whom Monk is obsessed, writes a memoir and angers people from her past. Next thing she knows her car blows up in front of her (and the press) after she presses her remote starter on a keychain. After that close call, she cancels a book release and signing at which Monk was waiting to buy the book and get her autograph. Monk rushes to the scene, afraid for Christine, but learns she is fine. While Monk is surveying the explosion, Natalie reads through Christine's book, learning she was quite wild, and worries that Monk will be upset when he reads of Christine's sexual escapades. Christine's assistant takes Monk aside to tell him that someone had been sending Christine threatening letters ever since she began writing her book and asks Monk to work as Christine's bodyguard. While at Christine's house, the two of them watch an old episode of the show she was on as a child and Monk knows every word of dialogue, despite not having seen the show in 35 years. He swears he is not crazy, just a fan. Monk's obsession with the show, Christine, and all related things gets in the way of the investigation and make it more difficult than it should be. While he is admiring an award Christine had won, someone breaks into Christine's house and leaves a threatening note on the mirror in lipstick. Monk recognizes the handwriting, only he can't remember where he's seen it. Finally, Monk reads Christine's book and he is shocked and disillusioned. Then Christine shoots a man who was following her after checking into a motel under an assumed name. Seemed like the case was closed. But soon Monk realizes things are not as simple as they seem in this exciting all-new episode of Monk!

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