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Cindee & GrahamObsessed Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's Obsessed Page.

Cindee is 35 years old and works out three times a day and she is obsessed with over exercising. She owns two treadmills, works with weights, and goes to the gym. Her need to be constantly exercising is tearing her family apart. She had her first, of five, children at fourteen. After she had the baby she became concerned with the changes in her body and started working out. Her husband of ten years, Paul, is very concerned for her and for her relationship with her children. Cindee worries that if she doesn't work out she will gain weight, to the point that she won't eat unless she exercises. Cindee recognizes she has a problem and needs help because her compulsion to exercise is stronger than anything. The last time Cindee ate at a normal dinner time, which is one of her exercise times, was approximately six years ago. Her children have grown up never eating dinner with their mother. When the doctor arrives to help her, she learns that Cindee worries about becoming obese and that her marriage is at risk. They are going to use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to try and help her.

John (also called Graham) has an obsessive need to wash his hands, never feeling clean enough because he has OCD. He often washes his hands more than 150 times per day and take ten showers. His wife, whom he met in high school, and his daughter live with him. Graham's OCD started during his teen years, when he was living with his alcoholic father. During those years he turned to drugs to escape from his disorder. Graham's problems stem from his constant sense of being contaminated and he can't get them out of his brain. Graham's friend George, the only person outside his family he lets in his life, has done things in his past that makes Graham feel he is contaminated and has to wash after being around him. The doctor who is working with Graham is using exposure therapy because he has decided he cannot live like this anymore. The doctor's goal is for him to leave his house with his family and for him to repair his relationship with them.

Each person's disorder is detailed in a thoughtful and serious manner, and they are allowed to talk about it from their point of view. How these two respond to their therapies and what happens with them and their obsessions are chronicled in this episode. To find out what happens, watch the Cindee & Graham episode of Obsessed.

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