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Six Feet Under The SeaPsych Season 3 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

On a field trip in 1987, when Gus and Shawn are children, they try to sneak away so they can ride a dolphin and they get caught by his father. Rather than getting mad at them, he tells them they need to make it more of a challenge to catch them when they plan to do something they shouldn't. Fast forward to present day when Gus tricks Shawn into going with him to a funeral, only Gus won't say whose funeral it is. It turns out the funeral is for a sea lion who had been rescued by a local aquarium, only to die tragically when he was later released back into the ocean. While paying their respects (Gus doing so seriously while Shawn is sarcastic) at the sea lion's casket, Shawn tells Gus he believe the sea lion was murdered. A woman overhears them and pulls them aside to ask why they think the sea lion was killed. She says she has seen a lot of suspicious things at the aquarium. She asks to meet with them later to talk about it. It turns out the sea lion was supposed to have been released at a later date, but because of a celebrity appearance. The guys sneak into the aquarium to find clues about the death of the sea lion. They find the release was nowhere near where it was supposed to be. While at the aquarium, Shawn decides this is his one chance to ride a dolphin like he wanted to do in 1987. Naturally, they get caught. The police department gets involved and things get stranger from there. As the guys find out the truth, they learn more than they might have wanted.

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