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Extradition: British ColumbiaPsych Season 4 Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Season 4 of Psych premieres on USA Network on August 7, 2009.

Shawn and Gus take a ski vacation to Whistler, Canada and while strolling across the resort Gus sees a wanted art thief named Pierre Despereaux. Despereaux takes off skiing and Gus and Shawn follow. It becomes quickly apparent that the boys cannot ski as well as Pierre, in fact they can barely ski at all. They ski out of bounds off the course and end up on a road, narrowly avoiding being hit by cars. They go to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mounties) to report the situation and Shawn tells the officer he is a psychic. He convinces them using his usual observations as tricks. Detective Lassiter has been tracking Despereaux for quite a while and is annoyed that Shawn has found him. Lassiter flies up to Canada and as soon as he arrives he learns that Despereaux has already struck. A multi-million dollar necklace was taken from a house and Shawn uses his deductions to convince the Mounties that he is using his mind to figure out the crime. Shawn realizes Despereaux has gone up to the roof of the building, but when he and Gus go up there no one follows and Despereaux parachutes from the roof and gets away again. When Gus and Shawn tell the Mounties and Lassiter what happened, no one believes them and they look foolish. They go to a nice restaurant for dinner and Despereaux is already there. He invites them over and tells them he is neither known nor wanted in Canada. He explains they are out of their league and that they will never catch them. In order to make things more interesting for Despereaux, he tells the boys everything he is going to do. While the guys are distracted, Despereaux disappears. Shawn and Gus have to do some unusual psychic readings for the police and things get a bit strange. How Gus and Shawn manage to catch Despereaux is worth watching!

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