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PilotRoyal Pains Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Hank Lawson has it all. He's a talented doctor, has a beautiful fiancee, and has a great brother. When he makes a decision at work to save the life of an ordinary person instead of taking care of one of the hospital's trustees (who is stable at the time) everything changes. The trustee dies and Hank is fired and blackballed - end of perfect life. Hank mopes around the house for thirty days, watching daytime television, until he and his fiancee break up from mutual anger. His furnishings are repossessed, but Hank continues to wallow because he can't be a doctor anymore.

Hank's brother Evan shows up and takes him to the Hamptons for the weekend to get away from everything. After Evan bluffs their way into the home of Boris, an extremely wealthy man, he saves the life of one of the guests (after a doctor misdiagnoses the problem). Boris tries to pay him, mistaking him for a concierge doctor, and when Hank explains he is not, Boris offers him the guest cottage for the summer as thanks. He declines, but as Hank and Evan are leaving they find a briefcase, addressed to "The Doctor", on the back seat of the car - containing a solid gold bar. Next thing he knows, Hank is getting calls and texts from people in the Hamptons who need a concierge doctor who can treat them with no publicity involved. Next thing he knows, "HankMed" is formed - complete with an accountant (Evan) and a self-appointed physician's assistant. At the same time Jill, the administrator of the local hospital, wants him to help the less fortunate in town. In the blink of an eye Hank goes from unwanted to highly in demand.

If you think it ends there, you're wrong - but you have to watch to find out what happened. The chemistry and humor between the characters of Hank and Evan makes this show more than just another doctor show. Hank's unusual medical practice is another aspect that makes this show interesting. This writing, the acting (especially Mark Feuerstein and Paulo Costanzo), the background music, and especially the scenery all add up to making this a clever, fun show. We can't wait for the next episode!

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