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SpasticityRoyal Pains Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

As you may recall if you watch this show (and if you don't, why not?), at the end of last season Evan was scammed out of money by his and Hank's father, Eddie R. Lawson (Henry Winkler), which has left HankMed is a precarious position - broke. As if that didn't make things tense enough around HankMed, Divya has gotten herself into an engagement with Raj that was not arranged by her but by her family. But, it's a new day in the Hamptons and anything can happen.

Hank flies to New York to where Evan is waiting for their dad, in the very hotel the boys went to with their father for their first vacation. Evan is meeting Eddie there and he believes is going to return the money he stole from them. When it turns out that Eddie is not coming back and the money is lost to them, Evan is disillusioned and upset.

Back home, Divya says she is willing to leave everything behind to go with Raj to London. Since things are very tense between Hank and Evan, Divya is more important to them then ever as tries to act as a peacemaker and reminds the two brothers how important family really is. Hank is still angry and doesn't want to listen to her. Meanwhile, Jill is having problems at the hospital with Dr. Elizabeth Blair (Marsha Gay Harden), who wants to have her fired. This looks to be only the beginning of a long battle for her.

How do all these loose ends get tied up? You'll just have to watch the second season premiere on June 3rd to find out what happens!

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