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MulliganRoyal Pains Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Royal Pains' second season returns on January 20, 2011 on USA Network.

At the end of the last episode Divya was still having conflicting feelings about Adam. She tells him they shouldn't see each other anymore and that what happened did, but they don't need to talk about it. Then, Hank and Evan's father, Eddie, is confronted by Hank for being a bad father and by Boris for being an informant. The stress from it all cause Eddie to have a heart attack. As Hank tries to treat his father while they wait for the paramedics, Evan stands by and watches in tears. Hank has to shock his dad back to life after his heart stops and he is rushed to the hospital. The family and friends spend a long night at the hospital waiting to find out how Eddie is. Once he has been stabilized, Eddie wakes up in the hospital and says he is a changed man and from now on he will only tell the truth.

Hank and Divya have to cover a golf tournament for HankMed, although he has misgivings about working while Eddie is still in the hospital. They have to deal with all the usual minor golf maladies and injuries. For the golf tournament Jill is teamed with a famous golf pro named Jack and they have to play with an annoying couple. Hank notices that Jack's fingers look a bit unusual, but when Hank asks him about it Jack tells him everything is fine.

Meanwhile, Evan decided to look into Eddie's legal situation. Hank tell him not to deal with Boris and to wait for him to do it, but Boris chases Evan down with his car. Boris gives Evan a folder of papers and tells him it is for his eyes only, not for Hank to see. Back at the hospital Eddie learns he will have to change his lifestyle. He will have to change his diet and exercise habits and take drugs to control his cholesterol.

What will happen with Eddie and his sons, Divya and the weeding (and move to London), Boris, and Jack the golfer? How can this all possible come together without tearing the family apart? Watch this episode to see where it goes and how the rest of the season will progress!

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