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Justice League

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The Proof Is In The Penis    Review by Pattye Grippo

Sarah and Laura, as usual, don't see eye to eye on Sarah's life. Sarah wants to buy a tie rack so she can wear ties in order to cultivate a whole new look, but Laura won't let her spend the money. Sarah has been spending too much on silly whims. Since she is forced to live within a budget, she finds herself without the money she needs for waxing her lip. Soon Sarah is growing a mustache on her lip. Laura gets an idea to tell Sarah that she was really a hermaphrodite at birth, which was corrected with surgery when she was a baby, hoping that Sarah will find a job. Since she looks like a man she should act like a man, at least in Laura's reasoning, and then she will get a job.

After she sees her alleged former penis, Sarah tries to figure out how the whole hermaphrodite works. She decides to act the part and moves into the forest, where she takes up shooting. Finally Laura tells her that she got the penis from the hospital trash and a silly song arises to clear the tension between the two. The episode has some very funny moments in it, along with some that miss the mark, but overall it still reminds you of why the show is so much fun to watch!

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