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Vegas Babies!Tattoo Highway Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Thomas and Monica Pendleton, married tattoo artists who have transformed a bus into a mobile tattoo studio to take their show on the road, return to Las Vegas after a couple of years away from it. Their first client is Heather, who gave up her baby boy for adoption ten years earlier when she was only sixteen. She wants a tattoo to commemorate that and Thomas is there to do it. She decides on a Phoenix tattoo on her side, so her son will always be with her even if he isn't with her physically. Then they continue on their journey by dropping their twin daughters and son off with Monica's mother because they are too young to take with them. The children are very upset at being left behind. Then they drop off at the Boo-Yaa tattoo shop to see Samoan friends. The daughter of the tattoo shop's owner wants a tattoo, but what she wants is monstrous and evil. Thomas decides to try and convince her to get a better, nicer tattoo and she agreed to it. Finally, they head to Long Beach to the shop where Thomas did his first tattoos.

The show is a nice blend of what goes in a tattoo studio and people's reasons behind getting the tattoo they chose, with a little bit of insight from Thomas. Make sure not to miss this premiere episode!

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