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Breakdown LaneTattoo Highway Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

The tattoo bus goes to Reno, Nevada where Thomas grew up and has not been back to in a long time. A friend of his who owns a tattoo shop lets them park the bus out front of his shop. Their first client is Nikki, who wants to get ten stars tattooed on top of her foot to represent her brothers and sisters. Then Thomas goes back to his high school, a place where he was not at all happy and that he dreads seeing again. He and his brother Mark walked through the empty school, remembering the past, and manage to come to terms with their school days. Next they go to meet Trooper, a man whose wife died and wants her image tattooed on his chest. They decide to mix her ashes into the ink that he is to be tattooed with to add a special to it.

This episode gets into the emotions of Thomas as he returns to his childhood home and as he deals with Trooper's memories. Be sure not to miss this interesting episode.

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