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Justice League

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Top Shot

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Zipline Of Fireby Pattye Grippo   Review by Pattye Grippo

Both the red and blue teams have each been through a challenge and gotten to know one another now. The team who lost a member last episode decided to take a shirt he left behind and make a tribute to him, something they planned to do in the future for every eliminated team mate. The remaining fifteen shooters will have to face a new challenge this week, one that involves a modern pistol, specifically one that is used by the military. The competitors have to shoot at five targets of diminishing size from 25 feet during the team challenge. Some of the contestants are very familiar with the gun because of their background, while others are not at all comfortable with it. One of the competitors, who everyone expected to do poorly because of his limited experience on this weapon, listed to his training and did surprisingly well.

When the shooters get to the ream challenge, they find that they have seven tubes of diminishing size waiting for them. They have to rank their team members by skill and each shoot through a different tube, with the least skilled shooting the largest tube and the most skilled shooting the smallest. Each shooter gets one shot and if they make it the bullet will break the plexiglass at the far end of the tube. If they miss, they have to wait until the entire team finishes to try again. The team that completes the challenge first wins. The losing team, as last week, gets to choose the two members to go against each other in the elimination round.

The challenges are unique and different, which adds a lot of interest to what could be just an ordinary shooting contest. There is stress and tension in each competition so far and the team dynamics are becoming obvious. The elimination round voting is another interesting thing, as the competitors tend to try and figure out what the long term best choice is instead of just worrying about now. One more shooter has to go home today after losing the elimination competition.

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