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Sharpshooter Surpriseby Pattye Grippo   Review by Pattye Grippo

Top Shot Season 2

Season two begins with sixteen new marksmen, who were chosen from the thousands who applied, arriving on the scene. Colby Donaldson welcomes the new contestants and the competition begins. The first challenge is a head-to-head competition and the marksmen will not be given any practice to familiarize themselves with either the weapon or the course. The challenge is the same test that potential sharpshooters were given during the civil war - same size target, same distance, and same exact weapon. Their weapon is a Sharps Fowling Breech-Load Rifle, considered the first US military sniper rifle and each contestant is given a single shot. The two who hit the closest to the bull's-eye get to pick their teams.

After the challenge the contestants go to the house where they will all be living during the competition. Jay sets out to interview the other competitors to help him pick his team, and to be able to deal with them once he has chosen, but Chris R. has a more laid-back approach. The next morning the two captains get to pick their team. Colby explains that now they are teams there will be a team challenge. The losing team will have to select two of its members to do a head-to-head challenge and the loser will have to go home. The first team challenge involves a .45 caliber Colt 1911, the official pistol of the American military for 74 years. The contestants have to hit billiard balls in a challenging competition.

So far this season, each of the challenges has been quite unusual, which makes what could be just an ordinary shooting contest more tension-filled and exciting. The elimination round voting adds drama among the individual teams, as the competitors tend to try and figure out what the long term consequences their choice will produce. One shooter leaves the show after losing the elimination competition.

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