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PilotWhite Collar Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's White Collar Page

Neil Caffrey is a con artist, and a good one, who is finally caught by FBI agent Peter Stokes. Toward the end of his sentence he is dumped by his woman and decides to escape from prison to find her. He is caught again by Stokes and trades some information for a meeting. He makes a deal to help the FBI in return for his freedom. Because of his knowledge and background, Caffrey has insight the FBI does not. Caffrey is put into a cheap motel with only the clothes on his back, but he manages to meet a wealthy woman whom provides him with a nice place to live and designer clothes (from her late husband). Stokes resents his newfound lifestyle that Caffrey found.

In the pilot episode, book editions of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs are being dealt even though they have no real value. Caffrey figures out that a book counterfeiter is after the paper the books were printed upon in 1944 in order to print Spanish bonds on it. The original bonds were never redeemed. Caffrey figures out that the only known copy of the bond has been stolen and replaced with a forgery. It turns out that each bond is worth $248,000 and given that the counterfeiter has 600 pages of paper from the worthless books that he can print upon, the stake is now about $15,000,000.

The partnership between Caffrey and Stokes is strained in the beginning, but even at the start there is an element of mutual respect. Caffrey proves to be a real asset to the team, as he is smart and canny. Stokes has procedural information that is crucial, so the two of them compliment each other. How they work together and what they discover enables them to chase after the criminal. To find out what happens, be sure to watch the premiere episode of White Collar!

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