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WithdrawlWhite Collar Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's White Collar Page

White Collar's second season premieres on USA Network on July 13, 2010.

The second season begins right where the last one left off. Peter is facing the Justice Department in an inquiry about why Neal was not wearing his ankle monitor when he was on the plane and it blew up. Eventually they give Peter back his badge, but Neal is still in prison. Peter goes to see him and tells Neal that he might be able to reinstate their previous deal, and the usual bantering negotiations ensue and Mozzie shows up. Mozzie tells him that he can get him out of prison, but that it will use up nearly all his money.

As soon as he gets out, Neal immediately gets a job to test the security of a bank and manages to get inside and show the bank is not secure. Peter is waiting for him after the job with a new, less chafing, ankle monitor. The reason he was testing the bank's security is that Peter was contacted by someone from the bank. The board member's had each received a card from someone called "The Architect" and in the past bank vaults were robbed after their board members received the cards. Peter had been brought in to create a defense.

Both Peter and Mozzie are worried about Neal and how he is dealing with Kate's death and the mystery surrounding it. Mozzie offers to help Neal, thinking his shady past might be helpful, and the two talk the case over. This leads Neal to believe the Architect is a fan of a particular Russian painter, and they begin to follow that lead and find that only one person, Edward Walker, has been buying that painter's works in the cities where the bank robberies have been happening. Neal chats up Edward's secretary and Mozzie is able to copy the sim card, which has Edward's schedule, in her phone. When she learns Neal is an ex-convict she goes away as fast as possible.

You get the idea of how it all sets up, and to say more would spoil it for you. USA Network has a whole line-up of edgy, exciting shows with interesting and unusual lead characters, but White Collar is definitely one of the best. The alternating tension and chemistry between Neal and Peter adds an extra dimension to the show, and the intelligence of both of the characters keeps this from being just another weekly caper television series. The secondary characters, especially Mozzie, add some strange humor and even the way the show is filmed and edited add a classy touch to it. This first episode shows that the series has not lost any of its fresh feel and sets things up for an exciting new season. Make sure to watch the "Withdrawl" season two premiere and stay tuned for more!

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