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Burke's SevenWhite Collar Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

Pazsaz Entertainment Network's White Collar Page

The second half of White Collar's second season premieres on USA Network on January 18, 2011.

In the mid-season finale the music box had been found, Neal was close to figuring out why Kate was killed, and Mozzie was shot. This episode begins with Mozzie in the hospital, hanging on for his life, and the doctors put him into a medically induced coma. Peter talks Neal into leaving Mozzie's hospital room, since there is nothing they can do there. Neal learns about Julian, the man behind everything - Kate, the music box, and Mozzie's shooting.

Peter and Neal devise a plan to catch Julian. They decide to shut down all his known aliases and then pick an alias for him without him knowing, so when a forger makes him a new identity they know it is him. Neal gathers all the forgers together and tells them the name they want, telling everyone it is for Mozzie that he needs help. They agree to do it.

Mozzie wakes up and Neal explains to him that the bullet missed his heart by only 2mm. Mozzie worries that now that he is in the hospital he is in "the system", but it turns out Neal has thought of that and had given him an alias. Mozzie can't remember the shooting or the shooter, so he can't help Neal with that. Neal corners Julian and they have a confrontation. Julian offers up the mastermind who hired him if Neal would help him leave the city. Instead, Neal goes to Peter and they do it the FBI way.

When Julian uses the alias that they picked for him to buy a plain ticket, the FBI catches him. They also find the gun they think Julian used on Mozzie. When Neal goes to tell Mozzie, Mozzie is more upset about not having solved the puzzle of the music box, as well as his betrayal of Neal. Then Peter is put on leave by the FBI because HIS fingerprint is found inside the gun they found at Julian's house.

This episode gives some answers, but it also brings up new questions. How did Peter's prints get inside the gun? Who hired Julian to kill Kate and Mozzie? What is the secret of the music box? We'll all just have to keep watching to find out!

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