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First VictimExpedition Africa Episode   Review by Pattye Grippo

The second episode begins right after the end of the first, with Day 6 of the expedition. The group is in the mountains, which is much cooler than the swamps where they began. On the original trek Stanley went around the Uluguru Mountains but this team wants the experience and decides to go over them. They have determined they are overloaded, so they eliminate half their supplies to make the trek lighter to allow them to move faster and climb. The group sets off up the mountains, having to climb to over 6000 feet to get to the pass. The group must travel in single file along the narrow trail. The steep hike begins to take its toll on the team and heat exhaustion takes down one of the porters. Kevin has been trained as an EMT, so he has to take control of the situation. After porters come to get the ill one, the group continues onward.

As in the previous episode, the weather is a big factor in this one. Once camp is made, severe wind threatens to blow it away. The team takes extra precautions to make sure everything is secure. After a rough night, the sleep deprived team has a 2000 foot climb to scale over the course of the day. As things proceed, Kevin emerges as a leader for the porters and takes control of the situation. A variety of wildlife is encountered as they climb, and the slope becomes very steep. The view from the top of the mountains is phenomenal, but then comes the climb down - the most dangerous part.

As the terrain has become more treacherous, the group has taken to working together more and arguing less. They seem to have banded together against the elements and nature. Yet like Survivor, even as they work together better than in the first episode they still have a lot of things, many of them negative, about their team members when they have solo time in front of the camera.

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